RØDE DCS-1 Review – Newsshooter



The RØDE DCS-1 was recently announced and I thought I would take a closer look at it.

The DCS-1 is a small dual cold shoe mount that lets you attach two accessories, whether they be microphones, on-camera lights, or even a lightweight monitor to a camera or any other device that has a cold shoe receptor.

Build Quality

DSC 9320 01

The RØDE DCS-1 is constructed out of lightweight aluminum. It weighs in at 42.7g (1.5 oz). For a lightweight accessory, it is pretty well made. It is nice and sturdy and it doesn’t flex or bend.

What RØDE products is it compatible with?

  • Wireless GO
  • VideoMic NTG
  • VideoMicro
  • VideoMic
  • VideoMic Pro
  • VideoMic Pro+
  • VideoMic GO
  • Stereo VideoMic
  • Stereo VideoMic Pro
  • Stereo VideoMic X

Is it easy to use?

DSC 9314 01

The DCS-1 is easy to use. There really aren’t any surprises here. This is a fairly simplistic mounting bracket, so I wouldn’t expect there to be any complications.

DSC 9301

The tightening mechanism that locks the DCS-1 works as advertised and it allows you to get a nice solid connection between the DCS-1 and whatever you are attaching it to.

DSC 9340 01

Most people buying a DCS-1 are going to be RØDE users who already have products such as the Wireless GO. The Wireless GO units feature a clip that also doubles as a cold shoe mount. This is a smart design because it allows you to not only use the one mount for multiple purposes, but it also allows you to attach and detach the Wireless GO quickly.

The only catch 22 with having a cold shoe receptor clip like this is that it is just as easy to take off as it is to put on. This means that because there is no physical locking mechanism, products like the Wireless GO are susceptible to getting knocked or moved around on the DCS-1. However, this isn’t a design flaw of the DCS-1, it is simply just due to the design of the cold shoe mounting clip on the Wireless GO. In saying all of this, it isn’t as if a Wireless GO is going to just simply slide out by itself.