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Rotolight Launch ‘Trade-Up’ Program for Titan Series Lights

UK-based LED lighting solutions manufacturer Rotolight has just launched a “Trade-Up” program for new and existing customers. You can get some nice discounts when buying a new Rotolight X1 or X2 LED panel, even if you trade in a light from another brand.

In order to make use of this trade-up program you need to trade in one of your Rotolight-branded fixtures (such as NEO, AEOS or Anova) or one of a selected range of Arri SkyPanel, Litepanel, KinoFlo, Aputure, Godox and Profoto units. The company states that custom Trade-Up quotations against other brands can also be provided upon request.

Rotolight Trade-Up
Rotolight Titan. Image credit: Rotolight

Rotolight Trade-Up program

So if you already own some decent LED fixtures, but are considering upgrading them to one of the Rotolight X1 or X2 units, now might be the perfect time to do so.

Trade-Up can be used in conjunction with any of Rotolight’s current Titan promotions. With $1000 off any Titan X1 or X2 model until April 30th 2021 in addition to Trade-Up contributions, there has never been a better time to invest in the Rotolight Titan range. 


If you want to learn a bit more about these Rotolight X1 and X2 fixtures, make sure to head over to our interview with Rotolight’s Rod Aaron Gammons.

Rotolight Trade-Up
Image credit: Rotolight

The larger Rotolight X2 light was introduced some time ago, while the smaller X1 didn’t hit the market until late 2020. It is basically a smaller fixture (1×1), but with the same quality of light and a similar set of features. Especially the ability to smoothly adjust the diffusion of the light is a very handy feature. This electronically controlled system is called SmartSoft and you can also adjust the focus and diffusion of each light without having to use gels or diffusors.

These are quite heavy-duty units, not to be confused with simple LED panels that you can find everywhere these days. They offer full RGBWW color gamut (plus a color temperature range from 3000K up to 10.000K), built-in effects, a gel library, IP20 rating and so on. Read more about the full specs of the Rotolight X2 here.

Rotolight Trad- Up
Image credit: Rotolight

To upgrade, simply visit this page, then place your Titan X1 or X2 order at with your unique upgrade code and return your old light to Rotolight. For questions or custom quotations email [email protected]

Link: Rotolight Homepage | Trade-Up Page

Do you consider upgrading you existing light(s) for one of these Rotolight X1 or X2 fixtures? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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