Rotolite R90 / R120 Parabolic Softbox Umbrella – Newshooter



RotolaigThe R-90 / R-120 Universal Parabolic Softbox has announced a new range of umbrellas designed to allow users to easily create beautiful, high-quality, soft lighting.

The Universal Parabolic Softbox Umbrella is made from a highly durable, highly reflective material. This 16-sided light-shape is ideal for both location and studio-based environments. Rotolite claims that they produce a Soft light output with a crisp edge that lends subject dimension and focused detail while creating a natural-looking catchlight.

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Both versions of the Universal Parabolic Softbox Umbrella come with a removable 1-stop outer and 0.5 inner baffle diffusion panel. You can combine the two to create a 1.5-stop diffusion layer. Rotolite says diffuser panels use advanced diffuser materials to offer minimal pass-through light loss. Rotolite also has a 40-degree fabric honeycomb grid.

Rotolight R90s uses a quick-release system that allows users to quickly set up Softbox. Used with Rotolite’s new universal Bowens / Elinchrome adapter, users can mount any model of Rotolite AEOS or NEO or alternatively any LED light with 1/4 ”20 thread. They can be used with a range of studio flash and speedlights using Buenos Aires.


  • Item Type: Parabolic Softbox (16-sided Hexadecagon Shape)
  • Interior color: Silver
  • Light adjustment: Built-in speed ring with Bowens S mount
  • Set up type: Quick release system
  • Grid Accepts: Yes – Quality Fabric Honeycomb Grid Included
  • Removable front face: Yes
  • Internal Confusion: Yes, removable
  • Dimensions (R90 and R120 respectively): 35: 35.4 ″ / ø: 90cm – ø: 47.2 ″ / ø: 120 cm

Each pack contains 1x storage bag, 1x deep parabolic softbox, 1x outer layer diffuser, 1x inner layer diffuser and 1 fabric honeycomb grid.

Price and availability

Both R90 and R120 modifiers are now available for pre-order and will be shipping in July 2022. They come with a 1 year warranty and are supplied with a honeycomb grid and a carry bag.

The price is as follows:

  • R90 ($ 269 USD / 249.99)
  • R120 (299.99 USD / £ 289.99)