Rotolite SmartSoft Box Electronic Diffuser Now Available for AEOS 3 – Newshooter


Rotolight has introduced the Neo 3 and AEOS 3 fixtures with a Kickstarter campaign and they have announced the Rotolight SmartSoft 7 box as an add-on for AEOS 3. Intelligent electronic softbox diffusers are now available today.

The Rotolight SmartSoft 7 box is an electronically adjustable extension that is added to the front of the fixture. You can adjust the focus and spread without the need for gels or additional modifiers. SmartSoft 1.5 provides 1.5 stops of electronically variable diffusion, a soft output flexibility and a solid light source.

SmartSoft 7 debuted at Rotolite’s Titan Cinematic Range, locally made in its Titan X2 and X1 fixtures, used in countless feature films and TV shows. For the first time, the technology has been transformed into a removable electronic softbox for the recently launched AEOS 2 fixtures, weighing just 1.4kg (3lbs), making them the world’s thinnest, lightest 1 × 1 style light on the market.

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The SmartSoft 7 box mounts to AEOS 2 in seconds and is compatible with an intuitive touchscreen display or Rotolite app.

Rotolite Native iOS and Android app