Rumors indicate that the end of Google Stadia is near




It’s a fact that you keep trying Google Stadia It didn’t end up fitting into the video game industry, since cloud gaming hasn’t come as close as many think. And now, according to a new rumor, the end of the platform could be very near, after it has been in business for a very short time.

According to this rumor, Google With lost hope Stadia, and the service will shut down at the end of the summer A deleted post was reported on reddit by a user claiming to have contacted an employee of the company. This is just speculation though, so the information should only be taken with a grain of salt.

In his words, Stadia The end of the summer will be closed with servers and services that will not be migrated. All users will be notified 30-60 days in advance, and the last month will be available for free to everyone. Those who have paid annual subscriptions will even be refunded, they will even get compensation for the inconvenience caused.

for now Google He did not come forward to make a statement about the information, but it is somewhat suspicious that the user deleted his publication Reddit A few that went viral on the page. For his part, there may be conflict with this idea Stadia will officially arrive MexicoSomething the company confirmed a few weeks ago.

Remember, this is just a rumour.

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