Russian cosplayer Spy X has shocked the family with his version of Your Forger.


Very recently, the first half of the episode Spy X Family In its first season, something that somewhat discouraged fans who waited to see them every week. However, there is still a way to get closer to the famous franchise, so a Russian model wanted to pay homage with a cosplay of her own Your forger.

The cosplayer is named after the girl Kawai Fox Tian On social networks, on the sites where he is showing photographs of this suit, a quality of which is worth mentioning. In addition, there are content related to this case that can be accessed through Payment, especially on its page Patrion The girl in question.

See sample photos here:


Show attention to detail that was placed in the character of the photograph Spy X Family, Quite faithfully imitating the girl’s attire and some martial art-style fighting posture. In addition, it reflects the independent girl attitude that is always seen in anime, so franchise fans are going to be happy with the result.

In news related to the world of cosplay. One model recently created a suit that was quite similar Number 18 Of A kind of picture, As a result, his picture went viral in the world. If you would like to view the full note, we invite you to click on the following Link.

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