Russian model transforms Tatsumaki into a maid Atomics



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On more than one occasion, the basic design of a character is not enough for cosplayers. Thus, we constantly see how some anime characters make some kind of changes to their clothes, or even add more accessories, but maintain their characteristic style. This is the case of a model who gives Tatsumaki a new life, a character of One Punch Man.

Recently, a model from Russia, Aulit, shared a series of photos to give us a glimpse of Tatsumaki’s version. The surprising thing is that here his traditional dress is left aside, and A rabbit outfit is chosen, something very common in anime.


in the past, owllit has given us related cosplays Sailor Moon, Genshin Impact, Ghost in the Shell, and more anime that will definitely be able to steal your heart. On a related note, the anime has a third season One Punch Man.


Editor’s note:

This cosplayer’s work, in general, is pretty good. He has a good vision, and knows exactly what kind of character to play. Undoubtedly, owllit makes it clear that Russia is a country full of talent in this category.

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