Saitama outwits Goku thanks to his new technique


from One Punch Man Anime has come to light as a popular product in the world, many users have wondered whether its hero, Saitamacan reach its own level goku of Dragon Ball. And now with the new chapter of the bald hero franchise, it has been proven that the hero has given up saiyan below the level.

Fans have come to such a conclusion Saitama superior by being equal to the wicked Garo, who have the ability to travel through time in the blink of an eye. With this, the caped hero was able to understand what it took to use the technique, learning how to master it and use it against the character in mere seconds.

One-Punch Man: Saitama is no longer a strong fighter, who surpassed him?

Based on what was seen in chapter 169 of the work, the users came to this conclusion Saitama He can learn any skill by himself goku Able to perform. Thus managing to emulate great powers such as Kaio-Ken, Henkidama, Kame-Hame-Ha and many others that the character has up his sleeve.

For its part, goku It managed to justify that it continued to grow in terms of energy levels, given its pressure granola fighting against gasOne of the rivals that can finish without problems vegetable His ultra ego. Nevertheless, the saiyan He helped increase his strength, it was thanks to showing the true meaning of warrior pride and thus he could focus completely.

In conclusion, Saitama Can surely kill any warrior in the universe Dragon Ball.

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