Samsung and Apple continue to lead the European mobile market, although their sales are at risk



Samsung is leading the smartphone sales rankings in Europe with a market share of 35%.

When we are ending the second quarter of the year, the first information Sales of smartphones in Europe in the first third of 2022.

A) Yes, A report recently published by Counterpoint Research That reveals Samsung and Apple continue to lead the European mobile marketAlthough their sales are in jeopardy.

Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13, two flagships of Samsung and Apple respectively.

Samsung and Apple lead the European mobile market, and Realm is the only one that continues to grow

The survey, conducted by Counterpoint Research researchers, found that Samsung led the ranking of terminal sales in Europe in the first quarter of the year. 35% market shareWhich is 2% less than the same period of the previous year and Decreased by 16% per year.

The second place in this ranking is occupied only by Apple A 25% feeBut that lost only 6% a year and 1% over the same period last year.

Q1 2022

The third stage of the podium is occupied by Chinese producer Shaomi 19% market shareBut which decreases the most at the inter-annual level, And 36%.

The other two smartphone brands that have completed this ranking are OPPO With a market share of 6% and a decline of 8% per year And really, with what 2% market share The only manufacturer that continues to grow year after year, as it has felt in this first quarter of the year 67% increase per year.

Regarding future prospects, according to Counterpoint Research analysts, these are not very encouraging, as they predict that The situation in the European mobile market worsens before it gets better And run that smartphone The next quarterly decline continues.

The only mobile brand that has been able to grow in Europe during the biggest market downturn in 10 years

This is because of the many countries in Europe The economic downturn is very close Since, in addition, the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine Far from its end.

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