Samsung Flex G will be the new dual hinge series? Meanwhile it registers new brands and the web goes crazy –


Samsung hasn’t stopped thinking about the cell phones that made the company’s history, such as the foldable. Let’s face it: these devices are so interesting that they have multiple functions to offer users and that’s why we want to tell you about a remarkable product: let’s see what it is.

We all expected news like this –

Samsung Still relies on its foldable smartphone. The company believes that such mobile devices can help increase market share and keep competitors out, and we have seen similar success. Galaxy Z Fold 4 e Flip 4Which has conquered the smartphone category in a short span of time.

From here we understand that what they will do is clear: the future of the brand depends entirely on a huge offer folding product Wider than today as demonstrated by designers at various annual conferences. We haven’t forgotten their ideas, and we’re not going to do that now with what we’re going to talk about.

Information about phones under development

Samsung Flex G will be the new dual hinge series?  Meanwhile, register new brands and the web goes crazy
Samsung’s new device is incredible: the photos speak for themselves –

Current projects are: Flex s e Flex G, or foldable that we first had the opportunity to admire in a series of images, solutions equipped with OLED panels with double folds. And the latter of the two seems to have taken a small step towards one Possible production stages With Samsung Display’s request for trademark registration.

The patent was filed in South Korea in August and is still awaiting approval. Will likely convert from Flex G idea A product real, but it is not certain; Consider the fact that a trademark registration may be necessary for preventive purposes, perhaps to avoid future competition exploiting it in the market.

For the moment we can limit ourselves to what Samsung is working on to choose from best solution will be offered to consumers, as has practically always been done. The Flex G shown at Display Week 2022 in San Jose is, as far as we know now, an OLED with a double fold that can be closed inwards. The Flex S, on the other hand, can be closed both internally and externally.

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