Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, a special edition dedicated to Pokemon is coming


For all Pokemon fans, a special version of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 is coming soon Here is all the information that has come up

Fantastic news for anyone enthusiastic about Pokemon And technology. According to reports from South Korea, Samsung is all set to launch a special version of its headphones. Galaxy Buds 2. The assigned name will be the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon version, with lots of exclusive surprises!

Samsung has decided to launch a special version of Galaxy Buds 2 dedicated to Pokemon (screenshot)

Starting with the case, 100% customized And it will remember the Poką¦®mon style in all cases. And there will be stickers dedicated to both the franchise hero and the real Pokemon.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon Edition, all you need to know here

galaxy buds 2 pokemon 20220520
Total customization of case and extra sticker, at a lower price than base one. No information on possible launch date (screenshot)

At least for the time being, there is still no information about the availability of new ones Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon version. The South Korean company limited itself to creating an ad hoc page in its online store in Asia, effectively officializing its arrival. Each user can choose from five standard color options. The case will obviously be the same, with everyone in red and white General description of a pokball.

In terms of price, the special edition of Samsung’s top-of-the-range wireless headphones can be purchased for 134,000 won. In return, they About 100 euros. Considering that the standard version usually costs more, buying the version dedicated to Pokemon can be a good compromise even for those who are not fans of the story. However, it is one Limited edition, With a few versions and which will be snapped. So the advice is, if interested, to buy early. As soon as we have additional information regarding product launch date. And hopes to know if the rest of the world will have one Worldwide version Limited edition headphones or not. Much will depend on the response in South Korea.

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