Samsung Galaxy S22 gets major camera update



Samsung is currently pushing not only the One UI 5 update to its Galaxy smartphones, but also new capabilities to the camera. On the one hand, the camera app on the Galaxy S22 is now more comprehensive, but also more convenient A total of eleven inventions.

Expert RAW gets double boost. Samsung is now integrating a new feature here so that users of the Galaxy S22 series can “take clear and beautiful photos of constellations and activity in dark skies”. That’s what Sky Guide is for.

Expert Raw Update 10 22 2

Also new in Expert RAW is the multiple exposure function, which Samsung promises its users more creative options.

Expert Raw Update 10 22

Also new:

  • The Camera Assistant app gives you the ability to turn certain features on or off, including automatic lens switching, auto HDR, and fast shutter. You have more options when choosing, for example, how many photos you want to take after the timer runs out.
  • Auto HDR: If you want to get atmospheric photos without the HDR effect, you can now turn it off.
  • Image Blur : You can enable this feature to smooth out sharp edges and textures in your photos.
  • Auto lens switching: Now you can disable auto lens switching, which automatically switches camera lenses in dark environments or when you get close to the subject. For example, if you still want to use the telephoto lens instead of the wide-angle lens to photograph a close subject, you can turn it off from the menu.
  • Video recording in photo mode: You can now disable this feature, which lets you record a video clip by long-pressing the button in photo mode to prevent you from accidentally recording a video.
  • Number of pictures by timer: You can automatically take multiple pictures in rapid succession after the timer expires. Now you can also choose how many photos to take (1, 3, 5 or 7 photos).
  • Fast Shutter: This mode allows you to take up to seven photos in one second. This is very useful when photographing moving objects.
  • Camera Timeout: You can choose how long the camera app (preview screen) will be on continuously for 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Clean Preview on HDMI Display: View camera preview without menus and buttons on HDMI-connected displays.

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