Samsung Galaxy S22:


So-called fan versions still have a relatively young past. Only a few months after the Galaxy S20 flagship Samsung launched a slightly slimmed-down model with the addition of “FE”. After the Galaxy S21 FE was on the brink at the time and the launch was so delayed that it debuted just before the S22 series, news like this is now celebrating the comeback of the S22 FE.

Like the South Korean publication elec Reports suggest that Samsung has already stopped developing the S22 FE. There has been no official report from Samsung so far, but the source is generally considered well-informed.

Chips are required for the S22 Ultra

Sources can provide a reasonable justification. In times of persistent chip shortages, resources must be invested as sensibly as possible. Instead, smart in a sales-oriented company means: profitable. And since the price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not a few hundred euros more than the S22 FE, and the high-end smartphone is currently the most successful in the series and even the entire manufacturer’s portfolio, the decision is easy. burden.

Rumors have thrown MediaTek chip room for the S22 FE

This should actually be an argument against the launch of the Galaxy S22 FE, However, this would contradict previous rumors that the smartphone might come with a MediaTek chip. Although Samsung flagships in this country do not appear with Qualcomm SoC, there is one from their own production, “Fan Edition” for people who prefer Qualcomm. MediaTek, which has long been overshadowed by American competition, has a much better reputation with its latest chips.

Whether the “fan edition” will celebrate a return at all with S23 is doubtful. It is doubtful that the shock will be over by now. To be honest, despite the specific name, I didn’t quite understand the target group anyway. After all, why wouldn’t true fans want to own really expensive flagships?


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