Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Zoom photos and “HDR not at Pixel 7 Pro level”



With very high expectations, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is approaching at high speed, which we can surprise at the end of the year. Especially the new 200 megapixel camera is always in focus, as is the case with the latest information.

On the one hand, there are three photos that are said to be of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro. If you compare Zoom, the comparison (first image) the Galaxy S23 Ultra wins because of its sharper display and more detail.

iUniverse, who found these photos, can already comment on other details He says that at the moment it has to be said that the Google Pixel 7 Pro will still be ahead of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in its HDR processing. anyway today Not being able to take future improvements into account. But it is visually better than the S22 Ultra.

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