Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 now with Google Assistant, but there is a surprise –



Who of us couldn’t wait to see Google’s voice assistant on Samsung’s watch? Obviously we all wanted to know when it would be available, so we’re excited to be able to use it right now. But before discussing in detail, we should explain the issues that led us to discuss this; There seems to be a problem at the place of origin. Which one?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is now with Google Assistant, but there is a twist
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 is finally getting better –

One year after his release Galaxy Watch 4, Nothing is yet known about the launch of a dedicated voice assistant for smartwatches. However, it was already possible to use it using the approved options Google, Which is not less but not too full. However, it seems to have reached a significant conclusion right now.

Indeed SamsungAs if nothing had happened, Mountain View House has improved the solutions Galaxy Watch 4 e Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Note in detail: Now that its availability is very limited, it is no coincidence that it can only be used in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. But when can we install the patch Italy?

Information about it and the possibility of having an immediate voice assistant

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is now with Google Assistant, but there is a twist
This type of news is very important because they keep customers updated –

Immediately. At first glance, it seems that Samsung has not said whether there are any plans for this Publish updates Missing markets, as well as all of us after all. But, keep that in mind Smartphone Google Now has a worldwide reach, and it is hoped that things will end the same way for smartwatches. Clear. Perhaps they wanted to wait for the release Galaxy Watch 5 Expected this summer with the Pro and Ultra models, or a new addition that will coincide with the launch of the Google Pixel Watch.

It doesn’t matter anymore: Google Assistant It is already available for various installations in the Italian market. It will be necessary to use it Start again Model, so we only need to spend a few minutes to be able to get it done The goal. Many have been waiting for a long time, and now that we have finally got this opportunity we can only be happy. But you will be happy with the new one Patch, Or not? Probably yes, since it’s interesting.


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