Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Analyst doubts essential upgrade



Small smart phone. big change

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the latest foldable smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer. The main effort was to get rid of the criticism of the predecessor. In terms of design and hardware equipment, though, there were no major changes. However, these should be pending for the upcoming Flip model.

The published data comes from Ross Young, a digital display supply chain consultant. In the past, Yang has often commented on unreleased products via his Twitter account, and he’s mostly right. Although Samsung is, at least for now, the largest manufacturer of foldable smartphones in the European market, more and more Chinese manufacturers are daring to present their own products in this category. The biggest contender could be the Oppo Flip which was leaked a few days ago.

Z Flip 5 display without any visible creases?

According to Ross Young, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 should make a big leap, especially with the cover display. While it’s still 1.9 inches on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the cover display on the Z Flip 5 should already be open. 3 or even 3.26 inches Becoming another invention, according to Ross, is a hinge change to remain The redesign of the folding mechanism will make it possible to reduce the fold in the middle of the AMOLED display. Like the notch on an iPhone, the crease is one of the biggest criticisms of Samsung customers.

Larger cover displays should offer more options

How much the crease can be reduced is pure speculation for now. The larger external display may be one of the most significant changes for the Flip 4 successor. This may result in the possibility of more applications being closed. Until now, use of the cover display was limited to making payments with Samsung Pay, viewing calendars, changing music or reading notifications.


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