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The wait is over for the new Galaxy Z Fold 4. Recent rumors have raised particular concerns about the camera and its layout, perhaps differently than expected

Samsung pays more attention to the foldable sector. The South Korean brand is now a reference point for market concerns, with several models launched in recent years that are the most coveted among consumers. And now waiting for the newcomers Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4Will probably be released in the first half of August.

New information about the camera of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is popping up (screenshot)

Meanwhile, rumors and rumors continue to circulate about the design and technical features of the two products. The end of this concern is detailed in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and The layout of his camera. Contrary to what has emerged in recent weeks, there shouldn’t be a big difference compared to previous generations.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, all details of camera layout

Galaxy Z Fold 20220706
The camera will be the same as the previous model. Therefore, rumors circulated that a layout similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be adopted (Adobe stock).

In the end, the layout of the newcomers according to what has been said by TechtakTV Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 It will be practically the same as the previous generation. So there is nothing to do for those who expected a complete redesign of the module, which will only change internally. We hope so 50 megapixel sensorIt has already been seen on the latest Galaxy S22 Standard and Plus.

This decision not to change the design also confirmed that, with its flagship Galaxy S22 Non Ultra, It was decided to resume the lines of the previous line. It must be said that the Ultra flagship presents some problems, e.g. More difficulty in keeping the lens clean Because of the overhang. In recent weeks there has been Onlix to talk about the possible news regarding the configuration of the sensors with a more intimate approach to the design of the S22 Ultra. We’ll see now and between next August Other rumors will pop up About it or not.

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