Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 likely with S Pen Slot



Samsung wants to make its big foldable more competitive and expand it. So they are working on a solution to integrate the S Pen directly into the device. Allegedly, these plans already existed for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but they will only materialize with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. At least that’s what South Korean media like The Elec says.

It goes without saying that there’s probably no other Samsung phone so well-suited to the S Pen. Perfecting the mobile work monster, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 should finally feature the earlier Note series. Meaning: The S Pen can be dropped onto the device.

Samsung is also said to be working on making the Galaxy Z Fold 5 lighter and thinner again. Samsung has already been able to show success here in recent years and certainly wants to continue doing so. Also Apple’s entry into the foldable market is imminent.

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