Samsung One UI 5, a leaked interface and reveals news highly requested by users –


We are here. After a long wait, we started talking more emphatically about Samsung’s One UI 5. Revealed a leak’s interface and additional features

In the second half of July, Samsung The new will launch the first official beta A UI 5. As told by 9to5Google, in reality some employees of the South Korean company have already been able to get their hands on it for a few days and intercept the news conceived by the team of developers.

Samsung’s new One UI 5 is about to become a reality Postponed for beta release, design and news of a leak (Adobe Stock)

The same portal was also used to block an early version of a customized operating system based on Android 13. Thanks to this valuable leak, we can therefore preview what the key additions will be, In terms of both interface and actual functionality.

Samsung One UI 5, here is all the news published through a leak

Let’s start with that Notification Of One UI 5 in Samsung, With a modified design and large icons. The transparency of the screen has also changed, making the background hue look more intense. For dialog boxes, they look like Android by default at the moment (but they can change). Turn to GalleriaHas finally been implemented l’OCR. It is a tool that lets you identify text within an image, including the ability to select and copy it.

For privacy, there is now an updated section that keeps track of what Google has designed for Pixel Con Android 13. Finally, experimental gestures such as “Swipe for split screen multitasking“And much more. After all, the fluidity of the updated version of the One UI is different, never so much and what an offer Unprecedented visual effects. It will now be up to Samsung to confirm (or even exceed) expectations with some fine work.

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