Samsung or Apple: Germany divided, Xiaomi 3rd force



We have been told for 30 years that Germany is reunified, but this is not the case on many issues. Interestingly, this separation is also very clear when choosing a smartphone.

As a rule, West and East are divided according to purchasing power. It is therefore hardly surprising that Apple is very popular almost exclusively in the old federal states. Samsung, which offers much cheaper models, is previously well-received.

At least that’s the finding of an assessment by Check24, which looked at which smartphone consumers choose for their mobile phone contract.

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It is also interesting that according to the data from check24, the top 3 are always the same. Sometimes Apple is ahead and sometimes Samsung, Xiaomi is always third.

While Samsung didn’t make it to the top spot as the most popular smartphone manufacturer, the South Korean mobile phone maker came in second. The same applies to Apple. Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi emerged third in all federal states.

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