Samsung presents AirDresser, a smart wardrobe that never existed. Here’s what it can do –



In the world of technology you cannot do without it, especially for those who are always in a hurry. It is almost a must in a smart home. It was missing and now the South American giant has launched a wardrobe that wasn’t there yet.

Airdresser Samsung -  20220908
AirDresser Samsung

In an era still plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, which is a little less scary but we must always respect the most by following the current regulations, sanitation and hygiene are the key words to survive with covid.

echo, Airdresser Samsung falls right into these canons, it can sterilize and remove all viruses, bacteria and germs from clothes. The machine relies on the use of air and steam to sterilize the cloth from all the deadly dust particles and viruses from the surface. During the product launch, Samsung promised that the device is effective in removing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including influenza, adenovirus and herpes virus. And if you please.

A heat pump dryer

Samsung -  20220908

Since this is a highly innovative product, Samsung has explained the steps and processes of the device in detail Disinfection Garment customers hang up clothes and those who want to sanitize place them inside the device, which must be turned on and wait for it to take its course through four steps.

First called Jet Stream: This is the stage of cleaning the fabric with an intense amount of heat, only in this way you can be sure of removing viruses, bacteria and odor-causing substances from the fabric.

once off jet stream, We proceed jetair, This is a process that plays a secondary role in removing dust that may accumulate on the surface of the cloth during cleaning. The high intensity JetAir ensures that there are no dust particles on the garment surface. It is designed in such a way that it produces minimal noise during operation and can be placed virtually anywhere in the home.

The third stage is a heat pump drying, which uses low temperature technology to keep the fabric intact. And of course dry. At the last stage, a deodorizing filter comes into play. Which ensures that there will be no smell emanating from the clothes including the smell of sweat, alcohol, tobacco etc. Two numbers on Antipode: 22 programs, price 2500.



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