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The real ormade supernatural fantasy. In the case of Samsung the future è gigi qui, and if ever there was a smartphone with arrotolably display and transparent, the proprietary like nelle majliori saghe fantascientifiche.

Samsung: display tracing and arrolling in the future – 190422

Who knows what I thought was my fantasy, oh my gosh, fantascienzaoggi è una realtà consolidata e su cui aziende del calibro di Samsung Puntano buona parte dei loro progetti. Parliamo dei display rollable – o, per dirla in italiano, arrotolabili – che vedremo quasi securamente nei prossimi mesi sugli scaffali. The realization is definitely superior to the imaginations, in a present that has elements cyberpunk e futuristici Always more realistic and all-encompassing.

Take advantage of the fact that there is no doubt about the adventures of the proverbial smartphone “Adventures” with security Samsung“The Korean people are worried about what will happen to their investments in the market,” he said.foldable“. A merchant agli albori e senza dubbio avrà ancora molto da dire e regalarci, dunque un ottimo terreno in cui piantare. Every new project on Samsung, which will give you an idea The display is completely translucent and graded at the top of your screen.

Samsung like LG: one of the best for a display rollable

LG Rollable - 190422
LG Rollable – 190422

For the first time, we’ve made friends with Samsung that aren’t prima facie at all, but we’re really looking forward to it. Già LGfirst of all your boyfriend adds to the smartphone segment, even opposing a similar device, to identify LG Rollable. The product from Samsung is far better than my teaser refining a model. Well specified, the project will show the mechanics that There is a primrose display that is transparent and arrhythmic in assault.

Samsunggià con Galaxy Z Fold e Galaxy Z Flip, has conquered a small fetch of mercato, trying to make sure that a new niche applies to this category of dispositories. There are presuppositions to say something that will make a schizophrenia fall apart in a matter of more or less large numbers.

Obviously the fat che Samsung This is not a bad thing at all. Tutavia è well analyzes this event as a signal about how to get the core of the caravan out of the way it is: sperimentare.

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