Samsung, the trick that stops the bad guys from stealing your data Giant’s surprising move –


Lock your data, but not your phone. Samsung’s magic begins here. The Seoul giant is introducing a new feature dedicated to those who send their Galaxy in for repair.

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called “repair mode“, or repair procedures. Basically, it allows technicians to fix your phone, but without being able to minimize your data – when you ship your phone, you might want to do something to protect your data, the new feature says is a great solution. it seems

Managing data during the mail repair process is difficult. complicated You can clean your phone, but it’s a big hassle. You just don’t want to send a completely locked device, because technicians can’t thoroughly test it.

It will be initially launched on Samsung, tested on the Galaxy S21

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when i am Repair procedureInstead, technicians can still poke around your device and check everything, instead they’ll just see default apps with blank data.

When the phone is returned to you, repaired, you can authenticate again and disable the repair mode, the data will remain before the intervention.

The feature is discovered by the first Sammobile And so far Samsung has only announced the feature in a Korean press release; Initially launched on Samsung, tested Galaxy S21. Repair mode can be activated from the settings menu. Samsung words: “You can’t access your personal data like photos, messages, and accounts, and anyone with the phone can do so using the apps installed by default.

Repair mode can be turned off the same way, though you’ll need to authenticate with a pattern, pin or fingerprint. Samsung doesn’t explain how repair mode In its final version, however, Android will have many built-in features that will make implementing that feature relatively easy.

Android supports multiple user accounts, which allows for multiple separate sets of apps and data. It won’t take long to block the initial user and create a user “Guest” Without any data to work with repairers.

It is also possible Samsung Locking the entire user data partition. Repair technicians can obtain a temporary data store and access the read-only system partition, which holds all the operating system files needed for testing.

But it is a matter of time. Function sounds like a great idea: Samsung It is already known that the ‘test’ Galaxy S21 This is only a starting point: it will have a wide introduction both at the level of interested countries and above all in mobile phones Not one, but many.

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