Samsung: Users should be able to repair the device themselves


What to do if the display cracks or the battery dies after a short time? Buying a new smartphone or tablet may be the most convenient way, but certainly not the most sustainable.

August 3rd Update: Replacement parts are now available in the US

I fixed it Now offers genuine spare parts for select few Samsung Galaxy devices Turn on. its product Galaxy S20 and S21 series and Galaxy Tab S7+. No parts are currently available for the Galaxy S22 series, but iFixit has announced that more devices will be supported soon. As of this writing, iFixit Display, glass back and charging port For the mentioned devices. Spare parts are always delivered with the necessary tools and detailed instructions. It is unknown if other replacement components will follow in the near future.

Original article from April 2nd:

The nature of natural resources is that they are used. This is known not only by users but also by companies. We are becoming more and more aware that we need to use raw materials responsibly. An important step is therefore not to immediately dispose of a faulty device, but to repair it and make it functional for some time. With points of contact that undertake this work professionally, higher costs are generally expected. Samsung now has one Self-repair program announced, which aims to make it easier for consumers to repair various common damages on their own.

Initially, only series smartphones will be supported Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 – ie flagship models from last year and the year before last, not this year’s Galaxy S22 – and apparently only from tablets Galaxy Tab S7+. Unfortunately, the self-repair program is initially only available in the United States.

Collaboration with iFixit

However, by collaborating with experts from Samsung I fixed it. iFixit offers for almost every device – not even SamsungDetailed instructions for disassembly and reassembly. iFixit also sells several fine ones tools, specifically for professionally disassembling smartphones. Of course about spare parts the main ingredient Samsung, tools and instructions may be provided by iFixit.

As indicated above, the program will initially be launched only in the United States. More information such as exact dates, spare parts prices and the general flow of the program remains to be seen. Incidentally, Samsung is following in the footsteps of Apple, who announced at the end of last year that they will offer replacement parts for the iPhone 12 and 13 in the future.


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