Samsung Watch 5 Pro bad design: Built-in charging station


To charge the smartwatch wirelessly

Due to the unique D-buckle design on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the flagship smartwatch remains incompatible with most charging stations and wireless PowerShare standards despite its ability to charge wirelessly via the Qi standard. To get around this problem, Samsung has developed a “Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle” charging station exclusively for the watch.

There was a charging station American sales portal Listed by manufacturer. However, it is not yet officially available for purchase, interested parties can only be notified of inventory. It will too No glasses yet, Let alone a price Listed for products. Samsung will likely offer the charging station as an optional accessory soon 5 See Pro To sell.

Charging station design adapted to Watch 5 Pro

At least the accessory design can be seen. It’s a gray, small charging station with a relatively simple appearance. The place for the watch is on a ridge so you can easily remove it from your wrist and charge with the strap off. The magnetic D-buckle band design has the advantage that the watch can be turned on and off with a quick movement. However, the watch simply cannot be laid flat, let alone placed on a wireless charging pad.


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