Santa Monica Studio claimed minimal God of War Ragnarok spoilers as the game leaked



Modernization: The Santa Monica studio showed up a bit Ragnarok is the god of war As much as possible before release, so it’s a shame to see and lick the end date of the game. Later developers made a statementTo appeal to fans to keep story information to themselves. He added that he was doing his best to “reduce the viewing of unauthorized footage,” but acknowledged that he “can’t capture everything.”

The studio then suggests that players mute certain keywords or hashtags related to the game until launch day. Obviously it’s here, but that’s just what we’re guessing.

Original story: The Stupid reference I have already spoiled some sections Ragnarok is the god of war Earlier this month, but now things are really getting wild as retailers start making street history. The Santa Monica studio has a highly anticipated sequel to the film, and little is known about the title — even two weeks before its release.

However, with the game now in the hands of consumers, it will be hard to avoid some spoilers that will inevitably come out. Corey Barlog, former director god of warguess Twitter He mentions the last situation to express his displeasure Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2die Its Blu-ray only has 70MB of data:

Barlog continued: “Sorry if you want to replay the game, you have to dodge spoilers. Absolutely and stupid king, you have to. None of us at Santa Monica Studios wanted it to go that way.”


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