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If you want to add an amazing technology to your smart home and your fitness routine, Mirror is currently offering a Father’s Day special at its world-class smart home gym, The Mirror. Using code Fathersday 22, You’ll save 200 on The Mirror, and free shipping and installation are included. All of this adds up to $ 350, and the $ 200 Father’s Day Discount brings the price of The Mirror down from $ 1,495 to $ 1,295. If you are looking for a gift for dad or yourself on this Father’s Day, look no further than the mirror.

Mirror Home Gym, without much effort, makes a case as one of the best smart home devices available. This is one of the more unique pieces of technology that comes to you, as it pushes the limitations of modern technology and turns them into a smart fitness mirror. When it’s off, it’s a mirror, and when it’s on, it’s a home gym with you in the center. The mirror turns into a screen, and the front 5-megapixel camera is used for workout interactivity, as well as the Mirror offers social interaction features, including interacting with friends during a workout and getting feedback from instructors and trainers.

In fact, Mirror brings all kinds of great technology into your daily fitness routine. You can play your favorite songs from Apple Music, or Mirror Music will curate songs that match your workout and mood. You can tweak yourself with real-time heart-rate data, because when you connect a heart-rate monitor or smartwatch to The Mirror, the performance metrics will be displayed directly on the screen. There are over 10,000 classes and workouts available on demand, and you can even take your workout to the next level with competitions and games. Rounding the features of The Mirror is its top build quality, highlighted by a 43-inch 1080p LED display with a carbon steel frame, four 15-watt high-fidelity speakers and a 178-degree viewing angle.

Although it’s regularly priced at $ 1,495, with this $ 200 Father’s Day discount you can get it for just $ 1,295 on your smart home setup and your daily fitness routine. Fathersday 22 Code to do this, and you’ll also get free shipping and installation, which saves a total of $ 350.

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