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A new phone is one of the most important tech investments you can make. You probably use it more times each day than any other device, so you’ll want to pick one that’s just right for you. You could spend hours scouring the web looking for the best offers, so we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve gone ahead and gathered some of the best phone deals available to help you save both time and money.

We’re mainly sticking with unlocked deals for now because carrier-specific deals would grow this list into an encyclopedia. Some of these deals are on the international versions of select devices, which may mean slight variations in specs and affect network compatibility. We’ve made note of the international devices but make sure to check carefully before you buy.

Featured deals: Save $200 on the Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Amazon Deal

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have only recently hit the shelves, but you can already save $200 on both models from Amazon. With these savings, you can pick up the Note 20 for $799.99 (20% off), or the Note 20 Ultra for $1,099 (15% off). They’re factory unlocked and ready to bring to your network of choice.

Both of these phones are huge, offering 6.7-inch and 6.9-inch screen sizes respectively. As you would expect for the higher price tag, the specs of the Note 20 Ultra are more impressive than that of the Note 20. They’re both powered by the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, but the battery of the Note 20 Ultra is slightly bigger at 4,500mAh, compared to the 4,300mAh of the Note 20. The Ultra also has 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage while the Note 20 offers 8GB and 128GB.

Both models feature fast charging, wireless and reverse wireless charging, an in-screen fingerprint sensor, and IP68 water resistance. All three colors of both models are subject to this price drop.

We’re not sure how long the deals will last, so hit the widgets below to check them out. You can also check the Samsung section below for more Note and S-line deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The smaller of the Note 20 line offers a 6.7-inch display, 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 4,300mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Note 20 Ultra is a beast of a phone, with a massive 6.9-inch display, 12GB RAM, 512GB of expandable storage, and a 4,500mAh battery.

The best phone deals:

  1. Samsung Galaxy deals
  2. Google Pixel deals
  3. LG deals
  4. OnePlus deals
  5. Motorola deals
  6. Refurbished deals

All of these deals were live at the time of writing. We’ll do our best to keep you stocked with the latest savings as we find them. We’ve only used eBay listings from top-rated sellers.

 1. Samsung Galaxy deals

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest right now, the Samsung Galaxy S20 family offers some of the top specs you can find. As you can see in the featured deal and below, both the S20 and S20 Plus international versions are available at a great price right now. They come with the Exynos chipset rather than the Snapdragon, and may only be GSM compatible, but if you don’t mind those factors then you’ve got yourself a bargain. Check out all of our Samsung options below:

Samsung Galaxy S20 (International Version)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 might be missing one or two of its siblings’ best features, but it still provides a comprehensive flagship experience at a more affordable price. It’s even more of a steal if you’re not yet ready to make the jump to 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (International Version)

$737 .81 Save $319 .81

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

$1099 .99 Save $300 .00

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy S10, International

$499 .99 Save $250 .00

Buy it Now

While the Note 20 is the newest Note on the block, you can still explore the Note 10 and Note 9 models at great prices. After all, the Note 10 is the way to go if you want the S-Pen stylus. Here are some options to pick from:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

$849 .99 Save $100 .00

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Renewed)

$625 .00 Save $324 .99

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Renewed)

$550 .00 Save $699 .99

Buy it Now

If you’re on a slightly more limited budget, you can check out the Galaxy A series as well:

Looking for more Samsung deals? Check out our Samsung deals guide.

 2. Google Pixel deals

If you want a truly stock Android experience, the Google Pixel is the way to go. In addition to the stock experience, the Pixel family consistently has one of the best cameras on a smartphone thanks to Google’s software. The Pixel has a bit more of a top and bottom bezel than other options, but you may not notice while you enjoy the top-notch software.

Google Pixel 4 XL

$644 .99 Save $255 .00

Buy it Now

Google Pixel 3a XL

$404 .00 Save $75 .00

Buy it Now

Looking for more Pixel deals? Check out our Pixel deals guide

 3. LG deals

LG V50 ThinQ Review against brick

If Samsung and Google aren’t quite your thing, you might be interested in some of the latest offerings from LG. LG offers two main lines of phone: The G series and the amped-up V series. LG also offers a unique Dual Screen option that turns some of its phones into folding options.

The LG V60 was out earlier this year, which means that there are big savings to be had on the previous models. You can check out a few of the best LG phone deals here:

LG G7 (Open Box)

$152 .99 Save $347 .00

Buy it Now

LG V35 (Amazon Prime Members)

$299 .99 Save $600 .00

Buy it Now

LG V50 (Unlocked)

$319 .99 Save $100 .00

Buy it Now

 4. OnePlus deals

The next option for some great savings on today’s list is OnePlus. While the prices for OnePlus phones have increased in recent years, the arrival of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro means that you can save big on older models right now such as the OnePlus 7T and 7 Pro.

Here are some of the best OnePlus deals around right now.

OnePlus 8 Pro 12GB RAM, 256GB storage

With fast wireless charging, an official IP68 rating, and great battery life, this phone is what the OnePlus 7T Pro should have been.

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren (T-Mobile)

$699 .00 Save $200 .00

Buy it Now

OnePlus 7T (T-Mobile)

$449 .00 Save $150 .00

Buy it Now

OnePlus 7 Pro (GSM Unlocked)

$499 .99 Save $200 .00

Buy it Now

If you’re a student about to head back to class, then OnePlus has an extra promotion running just for you. Students can get 8% off any of the OnePlus 8 series with free OnePlus buds thrown in as an extra bonus. Just follow this link to find out how.

5. Motorola deals

Motorola Moto One Zoom best phone deals

Motorola currently has a back to school sale running, with big savings on a number of top smartphones. The jewel in the crown of the sale is a one-third price drop on the flashy Motorola Razr, which is down to $999.99 right now. If that’s out of your price range then several of the mid-range phones are on offer too.

You can find the best phone deals in the promotion via the widgets below or hit this link to see the entire sale.

Motorola Razr $500 off The Razr line is back in foldable form

The Motorola Razr offers a familiar design in a foldable form factor. The spec sheet isn’t fantastic though, with a 2018-era mid-range processor, a single rear camera, and a small battery. But the external display and water-repellent coating are welcome additions.

Motorola Edge Plus

$799 .99 Save $200 .00

Buy it Now

Motorola One Action

$199 .99 Save $150 .00

Buy it Now

Motorola One Zoom

$319 .99 Save $130 .00

Buy it Now

6. Refurbished deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Mate 20 Pro vs Google Pixel 3 best phone deals

Some of the best phone deals you can find are on the refurbished market. There are numerous websites dedicated to buying, recertifying, and selling used devices at great prices.

One such option is Dailysteals. Dailysteals isn’t exclusively a cellphone website, although it does have a wide variety of products from the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the Google Pixel 3. Here’s a widget that takes you to a long list of the best options to pick from:

Another site to check out for great refurbished savings is Decluttr. Decluttr covers all things tech, and it’s a great option for both buying refurbished phones and selling your old devices.

This widget will help you get started with buying and selling your tech:

And there you go, the best phone deals available right now. All of the deals were live at the time of writing, but we’ll make sure to update the list as we find new offerings. If you’re looking for the absolute best savings, you may have better luck with a carrier-locked option from one of these hubs:


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