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Yedi has a total of six vacuum robots this month at a very low price. Yedi Vac 2 Pro, Vac Max, Vac Hybrid and Vac 2 as well as 2-in-1 models with suction stations Yedi Mop Station and Vac Station are up to 33 percent cheaper.

Yedi Vac 2 (Pro)

of Yedi Vac 2 Pro This is the current top model of the manufacturer’s standalone vacuum robot. In addition to a conventional wiping function, 2-in-1 robot vacuum one more Oscillating wiper system, in which the microfiber cloth swings back and forth like cleaning by hand. It should also remove stubborn or dry spots.

with 3,000 Pa suction power and 240 minutes running time Yeedi Vac 2 Pro effortlessly cleans entire apartments, 3D obstacle avoidance Recognizes obstacles to avoid and ensures that the vacuum cleaner can do its job without getting stuck. As of November 28, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro has been reduced from 449.99 euros to 299.99 euros (-33 percent).

This too Standard Model Yedi Vac 2 Without the oscillation deletion function it will cost only 279.99 euros instead of 349.99 euros this month. Both models are compatible with a suction station, which is sold separately.

Yedi Vac Max and Hybrid

The models Yedi Vac Hybrid And Vac Max Also participate in the November promotion and get more than 30 percent off the original price. Both use a VSLAM-System (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) for navigation that does not come out of the case and a Low height is only 7.7 cm permission. Thus, vacuum robots can also go under low furniture like sofas.

Both models automatically recognize the carpet and automatically adjust the suction power accordingly. Yeedi Vac Hybrid up to 2,500 Pa, Vac max up to 3,000 Pa. Automatically generated room maps can be adjusted via the app and, for example, restricted areas can be set up that the vacuum robot avoids on its tour. Yeedi Vac Hybrid from 299.99 euros Reduced to 199.99 eurosYeedi Vac Max is what you pay for Instead of 349.99 euros Only 239.99 euro. On November 25, the Vac Max will be available for a limited time for 199.99 euros.

Practical suction station in a double pack: Yedi Vac Station and Mop Station

Vacuum robots last longer if they are equipped with a stepper Suction station Integrate the Yedi Vac Station Combines the Vac Max with an automatic self-dumping station that holds vacuumed dust and dirt for up to 30 days before needing to be emptied. The vacuum robot moves to the station for charging or emptying and then continues cleaning seamlessly. When you buy a Yeedi Vac Station, you save and pay 30 per cent off the current RRP Only 349.99 euros instead of 499.99 euros.

die Yedi mop station Equipped with two water tanks, each with a capacity of 3.5 liters, to separate fresh and dirty water. During pit stops, dirty water is siphoned off and fresh water is replenished for wiping. Yedi mop station in November Reduced from 649.99 euros to 499.99 eurosOn November 25 the price drops further to 469.99 euros.


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