Save on the amazing Ivacy VPN with a New Year deal



(Pocket-lint) – When it comes to the online world, one of the very best ways to feel like you’re really living in the future is to get a virtual private network (VPN) to help you surf the web free from the hassle of trackers and privacy issues, and able to swap your location at will to access hard-to-find content. 

Of all the many, many VPNs on the market, though, Ivacy is in the very top bracket. It makes it a total cinch to simply and rapidly hide both your identity and location, allowing you to browse online with genuine liberty.

To celebrate the start of a brand new calendar year, Ivacy has an enormous discount running, which sees a massive 90% cut from its normal price – that means that you can use Ivacy from just $1 per month. We’ve gathered some of the ways in which Ivacy could improve your online life right here. 

Browsing that’s fast and private

If you’re reading up on VPNs, you will have seen one of the common downsides that people experience – their internet speeds suffer as the data is bounced between servers. 

That’s not an issue with Ivacy, though, which has consistently ranked as one of the fastest VPNs anywhere on the market, ensuring that you’ll have a seamless, quick experience, especially if you enjoy high speeds usually.

That speed is matched by one of the big features of a VPN like Ivacy – it gives you your privacy back. We’re all so used to cookies and trackers that it can be hard to remember what it was like to browse the web without being followed, but Ivacy provides a reminder – it’s great!

Unlike using a browser’s privacy mode, the VPN will completely scramble your identity and encrypt it, too, making it impossible for advertisers to follow your actions, and keeping your experience clean and uncluttered. It’s freeing and means that you can get back to browsing with confidence.

Protect all your devices

Some VPNs, though, aren’t so great if you’re looking to protect more than one device. This is another area where Ivacy distinguishes itself, with apps that let you use the VPN on loads of devices.

You can have it installed on up to 10 at once with your membership, and it’s compatible with key platforms like iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows and macOS, to ensure that all your bases are covered.

This means that whether you’re at work on your laptop or out on the go with your smartphone, you can rely on the same privacy and location-changing. If you’d rather use a browser extension, those are available too – it’s up to you!

Access content globally

Finally, we come to possibly the biggest thing that a VPN can do for most people: unlock the increasingly geo-gated content of the web. We’ve all been there, getting a recommendation from a friend that you’re simply not able to watch because your local Netflix doesn’t have it, or the video’s locked for you on YouTube.

Ivacy can get around all those issues by making it completely trivial to change what location it’s sending you through, masking your identity and letting you get around the locks. It’s so liberating to be able to watch whatever you like on your own terms that you’ll find it hard to go back to the old ways, trust us. 

On top of that, there’s a huge range of locations to actually choose from, since Ivacy has a massive range of VPN servers to pick from, with more than 3,500 around the globe. So, whatever location you want is likely to be possible.

If you think you could get some benefits from using Ivacy to free up your web browsing, there’s no time like the present, with an amazing New Year deal running at the moment bringing Ivacy down to just $1 a month, a tiny cost for what you’re getting. 


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