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Physical formats of video games today usually have none of the magic they carried years ago, as current copies only hold discs or cartridges. Nintendo. However, essential materials such as manuals have already been permanently lost, and there are people who want to take care of these pamphlets.

A game called saver Kirkland Wants to preserve that nostalgia for the next generation by creating high quality scans of past manuals. In fact, you have just finished uploading your entire set of manual scans play station 2 In the American version of it, every existing game already has their respective support.

Users have uploaded just over 1,900 of them to the network, uploading each manually PS2 From the USA In full 4K resolution for your downloading and scrolling pleasure. The set comes in at around 17GB, compared to 230GB before compression. Hence they reach a quality that the most nostalgic will surely love.


This is what you were referring to Kirkland in the middle my box:

The goal is to raise awareness of game conservation efforts. Many of the games we grew up with are how we saw and experienced the world. Of course, as we ‘grow up’ we move on to other things, but many of us are nostalgic for these things and want our children to be able to enjoy what we did. Read the whole ‘Books Your Dad Read’. And there have been huge efforts to preserve games: the VGHF, the powerful museum, and earlier grassroots efforts like MAME,, No-Intro and Cowering’s Good Tools. Which I always thought, ‘That’s great! Everything we have will be preserved. But without the manual, we won’t know how to play them.

Kirkland noted that he spent about $40,000 on his collection PS2 Every US release within 22 years is systematically purchased from the US:

I got the new releases when they were down to $20 for the first 800 releases, then I started collecting used sports games in good condition, then I looked for odd variants that didn’t last.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the author’s only heavy work, since he previously completed its manuals SNES 2K from the US and is in the process of doing so NES, atari 2600 y the game son

Undoubtedly, a great act of conservation for which future generations will be forever grateful.

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