Scary report for iPhone: The lie behind the latest model



The brand new iPhone 14 is being discussed. For better and especially for worse. There are some signs coming about the latest iPhone that leave a lot of discussion. what’s going on here

A few weeks ago, Apple held what is – traditionally – the most important event of the year: The presentation of the iPhone 14 is the keynote. For the first time, the line-up was made up of another standard model, replacing the ill-fated Mini.

iPhone 14 20221010
The issues and controversies against the iPhone 14 continue. The final episode, which sees the iPhone as the hero, is pretty serious (adobe Stock).

The numbers, as always, are proving the Cupertino company right, with pre-order numbers and rather satisfactory sales. But there is no shortage of firsts Disputes and Complaints, particularly concerning some bugs and alarming reports regarding the latest generation of iPhone phones. The last of these is giving rise to quite a discussion.

Fake reports on iPhone 14, here’s what’s happening

iPhone 14 20221010
A distress call was sent to help a woman on a roller coaster (Adobe Stock)

According to the Wall Street Journal, it will have a new feature iPhone 14 Pro That is not working as it should. We are talking about crash detection, which often sends false and verified reports. The report describes the experience of Sarah White, a 39-year-old dentist who visited Cincinnati’s Kings Island amusement park in the company of her new iPhone. when he was roller coasterThe woman’s phone sent a Report for rescue. Why? Alleged road accident.

Even shortly after getting off the attraction, White himself discovered that he had received numerous calls and voice messages by emergency personnel. A person was also sent to the carousel to verify the accident. But without introducing any urgency, considering that the woman just enjoyed a roller coaster ride. The truth itself has a rather funny side, but it’s good analysis Criticisms emerge.

as Waste of rescuers time Which, given the error, may not be available in an actual event requiring their help. The Wall Street Journal Proceed to contact AppleWith a spokesperson who said: “The technology provides peace of mind and Apple will continue to improve it over time“Hopefully there will be no more such misunderstandings in the future.


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