Seasonic Vertex: ATX 3.0 Power Supply for GeForce RTX 4000 & Co.


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Seasonic is introducing a new series of power supplies for the new GeForce RTX 4000 graphics cards. The Vertex series is not only certified to the ATX 3.0 standard, but also equipped with a 12VHPWR connector. You can choose from four performance levels and two efficiency classes to choose the right model for your computer.

Already in July, there are seasonal Prime series with new variants Expanded with two 12VHPWR connectors. With an output of up to 1,600 watts, even a GeForce RTX 4090 should get enough “juice” from the Ada Loveless chip to get the most performance out of it. Since Nvidia will surely expand the 4000 series with other models that don’t require much power, the Seasonic Vertex series will now follow some power supplies with slightly less power.

Specifically, Seasonic will offer four performance levels: 750 W, 850 W, 1.000 W SOVI 1.200 W. Each of these four models is available with one 80 Plus Gold or 80 Plus Platinum Certification, which ultimately reflects in higher or lower skills.

Enough performance to upgrade your PC this winter

All versions have one Fully modular layout For as little cable clutter as possible in the housing. And thanks to ATX 3.0 certification, a 12VHPWR connector is definitely on board. However, it is still unclear how much power the Seasonic Vertex power supply can deliver through this plug.

Sits to cool 135 mm fan With “Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)” inside, which should work as quietly as possible. A hybrid mode (semi-passive) is also possible, where the fan is only activated above a certain load. There is also All important protection circuits (overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit protection and undervoltage protection) and a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee with you.

Seasonic plans to launch the Vertex power supply later this year. In terms of price, the series starts 179 Euros RRP (Gold, 750), Platinum Class available from €199 RRP. Should be the top model with 1,200 watts and a platinum certification 309 Euros RRP cost


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