Second generation airtag coming soon? Apple’s plans for the future –


Shortly after its launch in the market, Apple’s Airtags are becoming more and more successful. So much so that Apple is thinking of the second generation

I’m in it Apple device There has been a lot of discussion lately, for better or for worse. Considered an interesting accessory in terms of technology, first generation AirTags are at the center of several controversies due to their use by stockers and malicious individuals. In addition to potential data leaks, hackers can use Geographic users.

The success achieved by AirTags will make Apple think about a possible second generation tracker (Adobe Stock).

However, all the problems that did not stop the ancillary success, which continues to record a comfortable number of sales. So much so that, according to what has emerged in recent days, it looks like Cupertino OEM is already working on one. Second generation Full of novelty. In terms of both design and actual functionality.

Second generation AirTags, here’s what we know today

airtag 20220622
Here are the improvements if Apple decides to move forward with device development (YouTube screenshot)

According to reports from well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, they will be from date 20 to 35 million units have been sold From apples Airtag From the moment of launch. Very good numbers, especially compared to expectations. Also according to experts, Cupertino OEM already has plans to develop and launch one Second generation, Full of innovation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Of course in the first steps, there will be special additions I’m anti-stocking Also Speaker Doesn’t appear to be very strong to date, and so Apple could focus on more quality specs. We talk on foot Design, With the possible addition of a hole hole. Finally Size and battery, Already quite functional but which, thanks to the work of engineers and developers, can be further optimized. All that’s left is to wait and see if Apple unlocks the button itself, or whether more details and rumors will be leaked.

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