Secret Mode Revealed For Super Punch Out Players!! After 28 years


Video Game Secrets presenters have something new to finally get them excited to follow up on the latest hype surrounding Nier: Automata. Rather, it is the frustrating mystery of the Church; A hidden mode has been revealed for players in Super Punch-Out!! , 28 years after its release on the SNES.

such as Cheats explained are not listed – a Twitter account specializing in video games “Secrets no one has ever heard of” – discovered “time to get some deals done” in Super Punch-Out and revealed two additional cheat codes in addition to the audio test and introduction to The Japanese Named Former Cheats.

The first cheat opens a stage selection screen that allows players to face off against any fighter, including special circle fighters, in a free match. This can be accomplished from the Super Punch Out title screen by holding Y and R on Controller 2, then pressing A or Start on Controller 1.

Get the first step right and you’ll be taken to this character identification screen.

Things get smarter, however, when you select a fighter on this newly revealed screen, on their details page, hold down Controller 2’s B and Y buttons and launch A or Controller 1. This allows a human to control an opponent’s CPU controlled character, usually using a second controller to get a fun place for players.

It works with the Nintendo Switch Online version of Super Punch-Out (I tested it myself in the name of science and also had an excuse to play some Super Punch-Out) and score with other SNES minis.

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So there you are! Join us for the other 28 when someone discovers a photo of their favorite Basson Miyamoto in Stunt Race FX after spinning a controller counterclockwise around his head and tickling the selector knob.

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