SEGA will fix some Sonic Origins issues


It comes as no surprise to many when Sonic Origins The market release was a failure, not in terms of sales, but the performance that was put into the collection that combines the best moments of the character. This led to many followers voicing their grievances segaA company that apparently wants to correct all these setbacks with compilation.

Through Twitter’s social network, the manager of social networks Sega of America, Katie Krzanowski, Notify video game users that changes are on the way to fix the most common problems Instead, he thanked fans for their patience, as the game hasn’t been updated much since its original release.

Hey! Thanks for the patience! The team is listening and working on various issues at this time. We will be sure to send more official messages once we get more information for everyone.

In related news Sonic Origins. A group of modders who wanted to give the collection a treatment that would be decent for those who try it, have given up on the project. If you have not heard such interesting news, we share it link So that you can know the reason for this sudden resignation.

Note that the collection is available here PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Through: Nintendo Life


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