She-Hulk paid a very nostalgic tribute in his last episode




Officially the series She-Hulk ended with its second season, with an episode that left some doubt for fans, but also carefully addressed issues that needed closure. And to start this chapter, a tribute was released that was well liked, especially by fans who love the classics.

There was an obvious homage to this series the hulk Its incredible 1970Including the old television filter, and even a double that replaces the animation CGI of Jennifer Walters EGreen version of n. The best thing is that some media did a frame-by-frame comparison, and the role is quite similar, so the production of the series paid attention to every detail.

Check out the photos:

shehulk-credits-8 shehulk-credits-7 shehulk-credits-10shehulk-credits-2 shehulk-credits-3 shehulk-credits-4 shehulk-credits-5 shehulk-credits-6

Note that you can watch the entire season She-Hulk inside Disney Plus.

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Publisher’s Note: Wow, the production took the time to watch every frame of the old role, something long time fans will definitely appreciate. Nevertheless, some felt that was the reason the season ended.


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