Sheikh has just bought a large stake in Nintendo


There is news from the Middle East that needs to be followed closely because this time it is very closely concerned about the Japanese giant Nintendo. A Sheikh holds only 5% stake in the company.

It may seem Bit But since we’re talking about celebrities again Public funds Saudi Arabia, which has already moved into Japan’s Dioloper market, needs to keep the issue under control.

Sheikh has just bought a large stake in Nintendo (Photo: YouTube)

Officially This is a simple operation Investment Or in any case, it is, according to information gathered by Bloomberg colleagues Written Inside Request Which was presented to the Ministry of Economy of Japan. Exactly the same Inspiration It was given when it bought a stake in Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund Capcom And shares Nexon.

Saudi Sheikh’s fund reaches Nintendo

As we mentioned, this would be an investment operation like many others. After all, we are talking about a fund that is in his hands বিল 500 billion To spend. What has begun to take shape, of course, seems to be a Pattern Specific: The bottom of Saudi Arabia is actually Concentration Exactly in the Japanese market. A market that shows up in the light of all, for example, its rice Microsoft With Activation (part of which owns the Saudi Sheikh’s own funds) and its Sony Which instead focuses on Bungie.

Sheikh has just bought a large stake in Nintendo
Sheikh has just bought a large stake in Nintendo (Photo: Pixab)

Bloomberg colleagues immediately tried to get some release Announcement Those who, however, politely declined by Nintendo representatives, only commented on it They make no statement About private investors. Quickly calculated, now the Sheikh’s fund in Saudi Arabia Fifth investor According to Nintendo’s share price. But a Japanese analyst thinks we shouldn’t focus. Statements are always reported by Bloomberg and from Hideki Yasuda, A senior analyst at Toyo Securities seems to have a very clear idea of ​​what the real purpose of this investment is.

Indeed, according to Yasudar, these investments are actually needed Understand how they work Companies that learn from masters or Japanese developers create video games, then create their own art that creates original content. If in a few months we start hearing about Arab developers, then we know from whom they have learned to create games.

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