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We are only a few hours away from the big Silent Hill event. However, and as is customary in this industry, the information that fans are eagerly waiting for has already been leaked, since the points that will be touched on in this presentation have appeared in moments on the YouTube channel of the series and many are already celebrating. For a moment, the event’s official broadcast description and tags mentioned, among other projects, Silent Hill 2, complete with a link to the PlayStation Store. Although this information was deleted as soon as possible, it seems that we are only hours away from the release of the long-awaited remake of the second installment. Along with this, mention is made of Silent Hill F and Silent Hill: Ascension, two projects that will be part of the four that have been rumored for years. Likewise, Return to Silent Hill was also named, presumably, the title of the new film in the series. Finally, it has also been revealed that this presentation will last 48 minutes and 46 seconds, and we will not only see the unveiling of these projects, but also interviews with some of those involved. Undoubtedly, we have something waiting for us today that all fans cannot miss. Remember, the Silent Hill presentation will take place today at 4:00 PM (Mexico City time). On a related note, someone has already managed to run PT on a PS5. Similarly, details about the new movie in this series.
Editor’s note: While it’s good to have a clear idea of ​​the kind of information that will be revealed today, it’s a shame that the big announcements, which we’ve waited years to hear, are no longer the kind of surprises we’d hoped for. Via: Silent Hill The post Silent Hill Presentation Announcement Already Leaked appeared first on Atomics.


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