Silent Venus, the technology of the United States of America: the first drone silencer and the most eloquent preacher of Volo –



A belly silencio not fu mai scritto. The Florida Undefined Technologies is currently promoting a highly innovative drone that never fails. That, as it were, in his name, is silenced.

Silent Venus 20220508 cmag
Silent Venus –

There is a lot of confusion about the status quo in the recent test, due to the accuracy, the ambiguity of the ionic propulsion propulsion, utilizing proprietary to the post of eliche, for a total of over two million dollars in investment.

Even the new design is definitely a step forward visually appeals to all previous experiences, but it is said that the unique è data proprietary with ionica propulsion. What if there was a lot of utility in spazio, but I could not find an efficient system to make it look better than Terra? This is the most sought after.

A second ventilator will make you sleep

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MIT – Adobe Stock

Il MIT There is a search for a solution to the problem of ionic propulsion, but for the sake of a vertical solution, there is a need for more spinta and more energy accumulation. Undefined Technologies It is safe to say that his name is very old.
An annoying and mesmerizing distances, per se, from your nascita ancora not if much of the new technology Air Tantrum. Ma Florida Underfined Technologies è Convinced of his great performance, evidenced by his silence. The best thing to do.

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At the time of the original concert dell’azienda allowed the drone to fly around 25 seconds, producing about 90 decibels, the second time Pibanic. The new prototype, affirmative, has turned out for almost two minutes and a half and has an estimated 85 decibels. The final obituary is about 70 decibels, or more or less than one DJI Mavic, But presumably in a larger cell with a higher capacitance. We don’t know how to keep the rumor going about the rumor about a disposition that has not parted with its propulsion system.

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It is not a matter of promising in merit to the portal or to resist in this case. For how many times the rumor has been heard, it has been an interesting moment: the drone and the caterpillar in the modal albeit preoccupied with what it is, the proprietor of the dimensions and the legionnaire of its struttura. Non sembra pesante, probabilmente fragile. Sembra certifies that the new drone does not reach the quota. The confession arrives directly from Steven Barrett of MIT: the tension of the rotator cuff aumenta with the altitude.


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