Skate 4 will become a free-to-play


One of the most anticipated sports titles for the future Skate 4, which is a spiritual sequel to the video games that shaped an entire skateboard-loving generation. And despite the fact that the development is a bit slow, we already know what the name of this installment will be, in addition to other interesting data for fans of the story.

First, a quarter skate It will be called the same name, with no numbers or subtitles, something that could indicate it’s a reboot of sorts for the brand. But most importantly it will be a free-to-play experience, available on consoles PlayStation and Xboxas well as pc.

The news was shared via an update Board room of full circleAnd the team has confirmed that the game will take place San VansterdamA kind of sister city San VanellonaThe site where the first two games were played.

In addition, a number does not indicate a new platform that will be developed in the coming years. This means that fans shouldn’t expect more sequels, but rather a game that will continue to evolve for a long time, just like other free-to-play games.

full circle A little detailed explanation about the free model. That said, the team sets the ground rules when designing how microtransactions will look. The four rules they share are as follows:

– No pay to win

– No map regions are locked behind paywalls

– No paid loot boxes

– No paid game facility

It is worth noting that there is no confirmed release date yet. So fans have to wait for the update from the development team.

Through: IGN


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