Skylords Reborn brings back unique RTS plus CCG BattleForge



After five years in development, Skylords Reborn is finally out. The fan project set out to revive unique RTS BattleForge after it was shut down in 2013,  and the developers can now proudly say they’ve done just that. BattleForge was a very unique game, a hybrid of card game and real-time strategy that had both PvE and PvP modes. Here’s the official description, from the Skylords developers:

“Skylords Reborn is a fan-made project that revived BattleForge, a multiplayer real-time strategy and collectible card game set in the mythological world of Nyn. As a Skylord you collect cards from different factions of Nyn and build decks to magically summon spells, creatures and buildings that suit your unique play style. Skylords Reborn is not pay to win or pay to progress, and only dedication and mastery will lead you to victory.”


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