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Smart bulbs are technological gadgets that are becoming more and more popular in recent times. The first reason is simple, and it’s due to the mass marketing of intelligent assistants like the Echo Dot and Google Home, which have made home automation clean.

Smart bulb, 21/7/2022 –

There is a second question economic type, smart bulbs that allow you to save on your bills, because they are intelligent and above all less “powerful” than conventional bulbs. but What is the best model? For those who don’t know how to choose, as always, there are computer magazines that have selected for you Five products In the most interesting categories, account value and accept Amazon’s positive reviews.


Let’s start with the branded model tp-link, The company is among the leaders in electronic devices. The bulb we refer to is the Tapo L510E, which has qualities that are worth having. A predefined function, That is, the possibility to save the preferred light mode, which a user, for example, can choose to watch a movie, either before falling asleep in the evening or after waking up in the morning. It’s a dimmable bulb, so the brightness is adjustable at will, it doesn’t require an external hub, and it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This is an 806 lumen, 8.7W, 2.700K bulb with remote control capability and is for sale here Only 8.41 euros, With a 51 percent discount.

TP-Link E27 Wi-Fi Bulb 8.41 EUR -51%
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Meros Smart Bulb

Go with branded smart bulbs Meros. It is a compatible product also usable in this case with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on via voice commands. it is unclear, multicolored, and its power is 9W A19 and 2700K-6500K. You can check it Through the dedicated Meross app, And it can provide warm light but also cold light according to our needs. According to the company, Meross allows Wi-Fi Save 78.3% electricity.

Meros Smart Bulb 19.99 EUR, -17%
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Fittop bulb

Another popular smart light bulb is FitopIt is a product LED da 9W, equivalent to 80watt, Dimmable RGBCW, also has the possibility to go from cool white to warm white. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri (iOS 12 and up) and the bulb temperature can be changed from 2,200K to 6,500 to suit your needs.

Fitop WiFi bulb for 13.99 euros
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TP-Link KL110 bulb

Let’s go back home TP-Link For another great smart light bulb, read the model KL110. It’s an 800 lumen device, 2,700K and white dimmable from 1 to 100 percent with remote control. Also in this case it is a smart product and compatible with all assistants and devices, sold only for 16.90 euros, With a 15 percent discount.

TP-Link KL110 Wi-Fi Bulb 16.90 EUR, -15%
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We close with a smart light bulb that’s a little different from the ones we’ve listed so far, read the branded model xiaomi. It is a device that can also be controlled through a dedicated app Mi Home, As well as with voice commands from Google Home, Alexa or Apple Homekit. It is sold A kit of two bulbsPower of 10W with energy efficiency class A, and average duration of 25,000 hours, About 11 yearsThe. Aesthetically it is equipped with a Special design With a bulb shape that allows heat to dissipate more easily.

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb 48.13 euros, 24.07 per unit
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