Smart contact lenses from Mojo Vision, you can have AR and not always in front of your eyes –


Mojo Vision presents its intelligent contact lenses that will show us reality from another perspective. What should we expect from this new technology?

They are intelligent from every point of view –

Another lens? No, it’s just the “enhanced” Mojo lens

Mojo Vision Continuity is developing its Mojo Lens augmented reality contact lens, a cutting-edge device that could represent the future of human-machine interaction. The works, according to the reported data, are apparently progressing well, especially after the first use.

The the societyIn this regard, declared that it “Alexa created a possible consumer implementation of the shopping list. This was the first major third-party consumer application of smart contact lenses. Tests show how Mojo Vision integrates Alexa Voice AI with Mojo Lens’ unique and powerful eye interface

Expectations are more than excellent

With smart contact lenses from Mojo Vision, you can have AR and always have it in front of your eyes
Mojo Vision offers its intelligent contact lenses –

In the main image we have inserted, an example of the daily use it can offer is reported, especially with a shopping list at your fingertips. you can ask Alexa To add items to the cart list, accessible at any time and visible in real time in one’s view while walking through the supermarket aisles.

Using only the eyes, therefore, it is possible to read and scroll through a list, checking what is available effortlessly Add to cart. Plus, if another family member adds items to Alexa’s shopping list, the list is instantly updated in Mojo Lens, ensuring no items are lost before you finish shopping.

Let us know more Mike WimmerVP of Engineering, CTO and Co-Founder of Mojo Vision: “The Alexa Shopping List is a powerful example of how Mojo Lens can be a platform for a variety of apps and experiences tailored for hands-free consumers.

With Alexa, Amazon is dramatically improving the way people interact with technology using their voice. Mojo Vision sees the same opportunity, but using our eyes. Vision plays a huge role in how we perceive and interact with the world, and Mojo Lens will help people quickly access information in a way that doesn’t distract them from the world around them.

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