Smart thermostats and Wi-Fi: how to save your bills in advance for winter –


DI go to Fiend of summer right nowAnd it’s time to think about what to buy ahead of the arrival of winter. But what is the best product to buy? current status? semplIce: il termtato

There are all kinds of smart thermostats –

Winter is upon us and the day has come to replace all those appliances and systems that heat our homes, allowing us to better experience the coldest time of the year. Among the more or less technical machinery, i thermostat Eh Chronothermostat Over time they have become much easier to use; It is essential to activate the heating system below a temperature threshold or at a certain time.

Why Internet of Things, short for IoThas become a smart device capable of guaranteeing greater efficiency in use, certainly much more efficient considering that it can be controlled by you remotely mobile phone o pcWhile ensuring simplicity and immediacy of use.

But the main factor of a smart thermostat is, after all, there connection. In fact, these devices, once set up, will connect to your home Wi-Fi network to provide many more services Thanks to this they will develop a heating plan our houseAdjusting the use of humidity, temperature and other parameters.

The remaining thermostat that uses AI

Smart thermostats and Wi-Fi: How to prepare for winter in advance while saving on your bills already
By following some instructions we can buy the thermostat of our dreams –

As you proceed, keep in mind that there is one more feature that actually makes these types of thermostats special. Let’s talk about it Geofencing: Once synchronized with the mobile phone, the thermostat will not only manage the home temperature based on time, a feature found in all basic thermostats, but also thanks to your distance from home.

Keep the product a high temperature If we are on the perimeter or in the surrounding area, and in short, we will keep it low when we are outside your home to reduce energy consumption.

For the most advanced devices, we can recommend those that take advantage of artificial intelligence The thermostat will learn the average room temperature trend based on the weather conditions outside and us daily habitsSwitching the heating on and off accordingly.

Thus the thermostat becomes one machine essential Home, able to regulate itself in unique ways and guarantee, if used well, significant savings on bills. During this time we think we will need more than anything else a machine electric So much functionality and, it’s practically as effective as shown.

Before we say goodbye we leave you with some examples of smart Wi-Fi thermostats for sale on Amazon, here are some popular models

BTicino, Smarther2 Intelligent WiFi Thermostat
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Netatmo NTH01-IT-EC Smart WiFi Thermostat
Click here to buy it on Amazon for 139 euros

Built-in or wall-mounted dual band WiFi digital chronothermostat compatible with Alexa
Click here to buy it on Amazon for 74 euros

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