Smartphone and tablet bill weight is too much? Here’s how much it costs you to recharge them –



AndCopper is accepted as energy saving as well qWhen we talk about recharging our electronic devices, specialAlthe mind cell phone. But is charging the phone all the time really so expensive?

Smartphone and tablet bill weight is too much?  Here's how much it costs to recharge them
Does your smartphone charge cost so much? –

Save energy even with electronic devices

A question now arises because of the time that is running, and that is: how much electricity is consumed Charge the phone? And if it’s plugged into the charger all night, will it be a waste or not? Perhaps what we will soon tell you will not surprise you so much.

Usually the answer is positive, because even starting from the lowest charge Smartphone It takes a maximum of 2-3 hours to fully recharge: leaving it plugged in overnight means you use electricity unnecessarily.

The difference, however, lies in the amount of electricity used and how much it costs. Suppose you specifically need to charge a iPhoneSo a mobile that needs some time to recharge.

Perhaps this is not as true as it sounds: the required charging power is minimal

Smartphone and tablet bill weight is too much?  Here's how much it costs to recharge them
It seems to be a myth to dispel –

Leaving a phone like Apple’s on a charge for several hours, perhaps longer than necessary, is probably the only thing we’ll use 0,01 kWh: It really is as little as we understand. Initially, the initial instantaneous power was about 10.90W, which decreased as the battery charged.

Then, when the battery charge reached 99%, the instantaneous power absorbed by the charger was minimal: approx 1,5 watts. And if you consider charging an iPhone XR once a day for 30 days, the monthly cost will be 0.30 kWh.

From this analysis we can understand it well The bill will cost 0,16 euros, ie nothing. Even by doubling the number of top-ups, going from one per day to two per day, the bill will cost only 0.32 euros, so it is a completely insignificant cost that does not affect.

And if we decide to leave the smartphone to charge from 11 pm to 7 am the next day, we will consume less than 0.02 kWh per charge. 1.5 watts of power Keeping at 99-100%. Perhaps it is clear that our logic does not work with all products, but at least we know that recharging our mobile is not a problem.

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