Smartphone: Is it possible to avoid theft or loss? Yes, just enable this button



Did you know that Android and iOS smartphones have a convenient function to locate a smartphone in case of loss? Here’s how to activate it and how to use it

How many times has it happened to you? Smartphone not found? Maybe because it was forgotten in some remote corner of the house or car, or worse yet lost outside the house.

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Apart from (justified) alarmism, it is possible Locate a phone Thanks to some simple integrated functions that will allow you to identify your device. They are not effective in all situations, but they are indeed the best weapons to deal damage. To work, we tell you right now which device to be on Active GPS And they will be connected to the internet.

If you own one iPhoneYou must be aware.”Find my iPhone“, the Apple option that allows you to identify and possibly communicate with the iPhone by”. To activate this important function, simply open the Settings app on the iPhone, click on your name at the top and press iCloudThen tap on “Find My iPhone”.

On the new screen, enable the item “Find my iPhone” and “Send Last Position”, which will allow you to see exactly where the iPhone is or at least know the last location if the lost mobile phone is turned off.

But how does it actually work? In case of need, just log in to the site iCloud From any computer, log in with your Apple ID credentials and click on “Find my iPhone”: You will see a map with the last known location of all Apple devices in your possession.

Moreover, you will be able to perform some important operations remotely, such as “make a sound“, “Set lost mode“e”Turn on iPhone“, in the next case” to start the total formatting of the iPhone.

How “Find My Device” works on Android

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come away Android? Speech is very similar. Even Google actually “Find my device”, which allows you to trace – like the iPhone – the last known location of an Apple smartphone. To activate it, simply enter settings Search for the “Find My Device” function on the device and using the search bar, then activate the appropriate switch.

To use it in practice, you need to connect to Google services from any device (including a computer).Find my device” and log in. At this point, you’ll see a map with the last known location and some information (phone off or on, battery percentage), as well as give some commands remotely, like “play audio” and “Lock and reset


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