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Google has released a new system update available on the Play Store on smartphones and tablets. Lots of news in optimizations and additions dedicated to developers

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Its durability Software Represents one of the key points to offer users an optimal user experience with their mobile devices and thanks to this saying, Google announced the release of new monthly updates for its operating system.

He passed away yesterday (Tuesday, July 12). ndr) distribution of Play System Update of July, which implements various improvements and news related to the Android world with special reference to the Play Store (the official channel where you can download Android apps) and services offered by the Mountain View giant. Also, the new update is accompanied by some innovations reserved for developers.

One of the new accompanying main roles Play system update July The performance improvement is “Download as-you-goRelated to the Play Store, which lets you start a video game while it’s being downloaded. Thanks to version 31.1 of the Android App Store, users will be able to experience less loading time.

There are also improvements to the app’s layout play store Which will recommend headers more intelligently, as well as better optimization times Application download process and the same installation of content (apps and games) on smartphones and tablets. Finally, thanks to an enhancement of security for the program Play ProtectWhich works with scanning malicious software within the official store and removing them immediately

The July 2022 News Play system update is dedicated to developers

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The update also brings news for developers (AdobeStock)

As we said at the beginning, July Play System Update Introduced some innovations dedicated to developers: it New API Which will allow, according to the announcement of the American company, “smooth multi-device experience”. The latter suggests improvements in connectivity and data exchange between smartphones, tablets, TVs and Chromebooks. Finally, third-party apps will benefit from one Greater integration with Google Maps services.

We are complete with fancy pictures Google WalletOne of the major announcements during the Google I/O 2022 event The application will also be available in Italy and will provide support for credit and debit cards, documents and boarding passes

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