Snapchat has launched a new support program for emerging black makers


Snapchat has announced a launch New accelerator program for black creatorsAs you can see, Snap will provide ongoing financial support, training and more to 25 rising stars next year.

As described in the video, the selected manufacturers will receive $ 10k per month for 12 months through the program, along with initial access to Snap features, a new Google Pixel phone and other support.

Explained by Snap:

We’ve partnered with Google Pixel, UNCMMN, and Westbrook Media to assist participants with some of the best devices, industry consultants, hands-on learning experiences, and financial support. These creators will be selected based on their unique voice, alignment with Snap’s values ​​and their career outlook, without prioritizing the number of followers or previous brand partnership experience. ”

The program is part of Snap’s 523 initiative, which provides Support for creators of small content companies and under-represented groups. Also on Snapchat Yellow The program aims at entrepreneurs who are creating businesses, brands and products that can ‘contribute to human progress’, and in combination, the company now has a number of initiatives designed to attract people from less privileged backgrounds and help build a career through it. . App

“In our 2021 Yellow Accelerator class, seven out of nine companies have at least one BIPOC or female founder; 52% of our founders are BIPOC; And 56% are BIPOC-established companies. Historically, across all of our classes, 22 out of 39 companies had at least one BIPOC founder (56%).

This is a significant push from Snap, which will not only help support these emerging creators, but also help Snap improve bonds within these communities, which could have long-term benefits for app growth and adoption.

And as Snap notes, these are important social programs that can improve equity and voice sharing, opening up next-level platforms for more creators and perspectives.

And as we move toward Metavers, and the increasing adoption of AR and VR tools, platforms like Snapchat can provide a way to make these new experiences. The more representations that can be made in this regard, the better, which is why it is such an important program in Snap’s comprehensive development plan.

People can apply to the new funding program Here.

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