Snapdragon 732G announced: More like a Snapdragon 730G Plus



A Qualcomm Snapdragon render.

  • Qualcomm has revealed the Snapdragon 732G processor.
  • It’s essentially a mildly upgraded version of the Snapdragon 730G.
  • An upcoming Poco phone (presumably the Poco X3) will indeed offer this chipset.

Qualcomm announced its first gaming-focused chipset last year in the Snapdragon 730G, offering good graphics performance and gaming-specific enhancements for mid-range phones like the Google Pixel 4a. Now, the company has announced a “follow-on” in the form of the Snapdragon 732G.

The new chipset is an incremental upgrade that takes the “Plus” route established by the Snapdragon 855 Plus and Snapdragon 865 Plus, albeit without the additional moniker. The Snapdragon 732G maintains the older chipset’s CPU layout (2x Cortex-A76 and 6x Cortex-A55), but Qualcomm says the “Prime” core is bumped up from 2.2Ghz to 2.3Ghz in the new chipset. This suggests that the remaining Cortex-A76 core is still at 2.2Ghz.

The firm also confirmed the SoC features the same Adreno 618 GPU as the older chipset, but with a 15% bump to graphics rendering performance.

 Snapdragon 732GSnapdragon 730/G
CPU1x 2.3GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A76)
1x 2.2GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A76)
6x 1.7GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A55)
2x 2.2GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A76)
6x 1.7GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A55)
GPUAdreno 618Adreno 618
DSPHexagon 688Hexagon 688
ModemSnapdragon X15 LTE
800Mbps down, 150Mbps up
Snapdragon X15 LTE
800Mbps down, 150Mbps up
Cameras48MP single or 22MP dual
192MP snapshot
48MP single or 22MP dual
192MP snapshot
Quick Charge4+4+
Process8nm FinFET8nm FinFET

Otherwise, the rest of the Snapdragon 732G seems identical to the Snapdragon 730G. That means you have an 8nm design, an X15 LTE modem (no 5G here), Qualcomm’s fourth-generation AI Engine for machine learning tasks, and Snapdragon Elite Gaming features. The latter delivers support for HDR gaming, anti-cheat extensions, and a jank reducer for smoother gaming.

Other notable features include Quick Charge 4+, aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm TrueWireless audio capabilities, Wi-Fi 6 support, and Bluetooth 5.1. As for camera features, you’re getting 4K HDR recording, 22MP+22MP dual camera support, 48MP single camera support with multi-frame processing, and 192MP snapshot capabilities.

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In other words, those who already have a phone with a Snapdragon 730G processor won’t see a huge bump in core performance if they opt for a new device running the Snapdragon 732G chipset. Speaking of phones with this processor, Qualcomm confirmed that Xiaomi’s Poco brand will offer a phone with the silicon.

“We’re excited to work with Poco on the new Poco smartphone powered by the enhanced Snapdragon 732G globally,” said Kedar Kondap, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management, in an emailed release. The Xiaomi sub-brand has been teasing the Poco X3 for a while now, so it stands to reason that this is the phone in question.


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